Welcome to VASHA foundation

As a not-for-profit organization working in Bangladesh, Voluntary Activities for Social and Human  Advancement (VASHA) Foundation is happy to be learned that you are interested about this organization. You are most welcome to VASHA Foundation. It is a Non-Government organization working for human and social welfare.  

VASHA (Voluntary Activities for Social & Human Advancement) Foundation was established by some self-sacrificing, educated, active, industrious and generous individuals with the active initiative by Engineer Priatos Nandi, an eminent social worker at the Second January two thousand five (02/01/05). It achieved approval from the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh at the date of 4th May two thousand five ( 04/05/05).

The organization has been conducting various development activities since the establishment period. Among this activities TSD (Training for Skill Development), Informal Education and Micro credit program are most mentionable.

The basic philosophy of the organization is to bring back life in all its completeness facilitating a process for people’s self-reliance and to make rational use of all kinds of   available resources for sustainable developments

We hope this website will be helpful for you to know about VASHA Foundation in-depth. We welcome all of you who are interested in VASHA Foundation.